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Candle holder - Kossipo

  • £1500

Handcrafted in Gabon, using only traditional techniques, this kossipo wooden tea light holder combines traditional design with a modern finish to grace any room in your home. The candle holders are both decorative and practical. Made from African exotic wood, this tea light holder can provide a feeling of calm and tranquillity throughout your home. This can be used with plain tea lights or use with scented ones to create any mood you like.

  • It can be displayed on its own, or with our padouk tea light holder.
  • It can also be displayed next to one of our statues to make them stand out.
  • To relax after a long day at work, place a calming aromatherapy tea light in the holder and place it in the lounge.
  • Create a romantic atmosphere to dine by placing these along your table.
  • Create a display in the bedroom by adding the padouk tea light holder.

Tea light holders make lovely  gifts, and this uniquely handcrafted design is perfect for anyone for any occasion. Ideal as a house warming present, or if given with scented tea lights, and ideal birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one. Given as a gift on its own it will make a stylish decoration, or given with a sculpture or carving. This holder will never go out of fashion and will delight anyone for years to come.

Size: 5cm x 5cm