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Printed Pattern Cushions

  • £5000

These cushions have been designed and crafted by hand using traditional African craft techniques. This makes them long lasting and durable, and suitable for use by almost everyone. These cushions have a lively, modern design with yellow and blue, which is suitable for all home decor. They are rectangular in shape meaning they can be used as a cushion or as a border.

These cushions are both practical and pleasing on the eye.

  • Place them on a bed to give the room an added feel of comfort and relaxation.
  • Use them on chairs to create a look of comfort or to relax against.
  • Use them at the back of a chair to support your back 
  • Try placing these on top of a throw to create a whole new look. 

These stylish cushions will give you a feeling of calm and elegance, can be used to create a feature in most rooms. The unique design gives the cushions that extra feel of luxury, and provides you with a little taste of Africa.

These would make an excellent gift for someone moving home, or if you know someone who is redecorating. They make a wonderful gift to yourself as well, and look good when mixed with some of our other cushion designs.


There are two cushions in the pack and they are made from 100% cotton. 

Care Instructions: Wash in warm water

Colour: Yellow & Blue

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