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Multifunctional Tray

  • £4000

Made from natural padouk woods and handcrafted by a craftsman from the Gabon, this tray is both multi functional and decorative, as well as being a unique work of art. 

This tray would be a centrepiece in any home, and the deep, burgundy colour would provide a feeling of warmth. This will also provide a good accompanying piece to our elephant or leopard statues.

This tray has 'serrated' edges which makes it stand out and creates a statement of its own. Made in Africa, they may be the teeth of a crocodile or perhaps you think they represent the ripples on the river as it flows downstream.

  • Whatever you use this tray for it will add style to any room.
  • Add pot pourri, decorative marbles or stones to create a feature in your lounge.
  • Use it for fruit in the kitchen.
  • In your hall it could be filled with sweets to welcome your guests.
  • Just display it on its own, as an ornament.

This tray would make a nice present for Mother's day or as a birthday gift for a female relatives. You may have a male relative or friend who appreciates natural art, and this would make an ideal gift, being a unique, hand crafted design. 

Material: Padouk wood



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