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Leopard Sculpture

  • £10000

This graceful and elegant piece is made from ebony wood. This wonderful statue will make a statement no matter where it is placed, whether it is displayed on its own or with other products. As a standalone ornament he will bring power to any room, but added to other statues, he will provide added grace and elegance. Each statue looks outstanding when displayed in your home.

This leopard sculpture has been handcrafted in Gabon, where the local artists mix traditional design techniques with modern methods. The care taken on each sculpture is obvious as soon as you see it.

The beauty, power and grace are obvious the moment you see this statue. The leopard is a natural predator, and he does this with elegance which our craftsmen have managed to get in to this statue.  One look and you feel as if you are on a journey with him.

Display him with tea light holders and let the light from those illuminate his graceful stance.Create a feature in any room by placing more than one leopard statue and see how create a wonderful addition to your home decor.

This statue would make the perfect gift for a man, but is also ideal for anyone. It makes an original house warming gift, and would be welcomed for Father's day too. If you need a birthday or Christmas gift, then this would fit in with any home decor in any room.

This graceful and elegant piece is made from ebony wood, and each sculpture will differ due to the grain of the wood and the fact that is it carved by hand. 

Material: Ebony wood

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