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Geometric Patterns Throw

  • £10000

Made from cotton, this elegant throw has been made using traditional African techniques. The pattern is drawn by hand, and then finished off using natural fabric staining and dyeing techniques. This process means that no two throws are ever quite the same. This beautiful throw can provide colour and style to any item of furniture.

Being made from cotton provides versatility, comfort and warmth and is suitable for any member of the family or for any room. The red and white pattern is designed to fit most home decor and will blend in with anything.

There are multiple uses for this throw.

  • Use it to create a whole new atmosphere by placing it over your favourite chair.
  • For extra comfort, use it on top of a duvet.
  • Or simply relax under it after a hard day and feel your worries float away.

Every time you use this throw it will provide you with calm and elegance. Sit back and relax, and imagine the people of Africa as they relax on a similar item, enjoying the balmy warmth of an African evening.

This throw can be given as a gift to almost anyone. A new mother. Being made of cotton, it's suitable for babies to lie on. A friend or relative. Someone you know will appreciate an individually styled throw to grace their home.As a birthday or Christmas gift to someone who you know will appreciate the comfort this will bring.

Why not add some cushions to create an area of comfort to be enjoyed at the end of the day, or any time when you feel like relaxing?

Material: Cotton
Colour: Red & White

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