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Elephant - Okoume

  • £3000

These wonderful elephants could take pride of place in any room of the house. Ideal for placing on a coffee table to provide elegance and style. This ornament creates a vision of peace and tranquillity. 

Handcrafted in the Gabon by traditional artists, this wooden elephant makes an elegant ornament. Made from okoume wood this has been made using a combination of traditional African techniques and modern design to create a piece of beauty which would look good in any home. Natural okoume wood is only found in West Africa.

Thanks to the natural grain of the wood, each statue is slightly different to the next, and this makes each and every one unique in its own right. Using the different coloured woods available, create your own family of elephants in any room of your home.

This wonderfully stylish ornament is ideal as a gift for anyone, male or female. Anyone would appreciate this for a gift for any occasion, be it house warming, a wedding gift, birthday or Christmas. It's also ideal given simply as a gift of friendship.

Material: Okoume wood

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