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Ebony Abstract Sculpture

  • £12000

This statue will create a powerful statement in your home.The stunning design makes this piece totally original and unique. This statue is a wonderful way to treat yourself to something which will give your home a feeling of luxury and elegance.  This beautiful ebony statue has been designed and handcrafted by African craftsmen. Combining modern design with traditional techniques, produces a work of art of outstanding beauty.  Ebony symbolises power and protection, and this work of art will protect your home while creating an area of beauty. 

  • Wherever you display this beautifully sculpted piece, it will make a statement and provide a centrepiece for the room.
  • This unique work of art will look stunning as a standalone item on a shelf or coffee table.
  • Placed between other artistic pieces it will stand out to provide elegance to any corner of any room.
  • On a table in a hallway it will give the impression of a stylish home to any visitors you may have.

This stunning work of art would make an ideal gift for any family member or friend. As a house warming gift, it will make everyone's house stand out from the rest. If someone has a special birthday then this will make an elegant gift and show how much you appreciate them.

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