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Nilare is dedicated to helping small producers in Africa improve their trading conditions and promotes sustainability. We promote sustainability by offering good trading partnerships. We take part in a movement that is willing to work to empower communities through trade. We aim to make an impact on artisans' lives and their communities while offering beautiful products. We work on paying fair prices to artisans, as well as helping them improve their social and environmental conditions. We sustain strong relationships with our partners based on mutual respect, trust, transparency and solidarity. When buying Nilare products you are helping those artisans to pay for their food, school fees, and healthcare for them and their families.


Ethical Trade

  • Our products are handmade by artisans who are paid a fair wage for their work.
  • Artisans receive socially acceptable pay, by taking into account equal pay between men and women.
  • We ensure that gender equality is respected.
  • We aim to increase the trading quantity, and innovate product designs to grow our suppliers' output and increase our suppliers’ income.
  • We take into consideration artisan’s economic, social and environmental well-being.
  • We ensure our partners work in a healthy and safe environment.
  • We provide honest and transparent marketing techniques by providing customers with details about products, and the producers making the products.  


Cultural Trade

  • We aim to preserve African Heritage Craftsmanship
  • We empower local artisans while promoting and protecting African craftsmanship, art, and design, which are reflected through product designs of remarkable creations.
  • We combine contemporary designs made with African traditional manufacturing techniques.
  • We offer unique authentic creations having cultural values incorporated with a story, and a meaning
  • Our handmade home accents show talented artisans' inherited skills and their willingness to preserve traditional techniques to create contemporary products.
  • Our mission is to allow a wider audience to discover and explore African craftsmanship and heritage.
  •  We have a strong willingness to preserve and sustain local skills and techniques to create high quality products.
  • We aim to help small producers develop new skills – management, technology, and production capabilities.