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nilare african design art contemporary home accessories decor gabon libreville africa

 Our Philosophy is based on the following values:


Home as reflection of who you are

Nilare collection is full of irresistible pieces, which will allow you to show your own distinctive personality and unique sense of who you are to your friends and family. 

Cultural traditions in a contemporary styling

Create the home of your dreams with the addition of home decors inspired by a mix of cultures. We offer authentic and contemporary objects made using only traditional African techniques to enable you to blend the unique design with your own personal experience. 

High quality product

All products in Nilare range are of high quality and are made using traditional methods with local materials such as wood, stone, cotton or straw. For each product the material is carefully selected to fit the design.

Working with passionate craftspeople

We work with craftspeople, who have a passion for high quality design. Sharing their heritage and skills with each other, each artisan has a deep and specialized knowledge of their own specific craft and method of work.

Small Quantity for exclusivity

Products are offered on a limited basis to allow for exclusivity and we endeavour to search out new and innovative products to fulfil your vision of your home.