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nilare african design art contemporary gabon africa

NILARE is a lifestyle brand that exhibits a unique range of stylish and contemporary handcrafted accessories and gifts, whilst showcasing African artistry to the world. 

We create elegant, ethically traded, high quality products that capture Africa’s fusion of cultures and styles whilst telling stories. NILARE is perfect for design lovers who want to have exquisite pieces to create or reflect their own personal style statement. 

Local craftsmen using local natural resources to beautifully handcraft our products in Gabon; they use traditional techniques passed down through generations. Therefore by purchasing NILARE products, customers support local craftsmen. NILARE aims to preserve and promote African craftsmanship and heritage through the delivery of top quality products. 



nilare african design art contemporary africa gabon home decor accessories interior design

By choosing NILARE you can express your own personality and individuality, show your unique sense of style, whilst reflecting your taste in harmony and elegance. Our stunning, handcrafted accessories are a mixture of different colours, patterns, symbols and textures which are produced with high quality raw materials, meaning that we can offer customers products of high functional value.
By merging contemporary designs with African influences and the traditional yet unique techniques of African craftsmanship, we bring a new modern urban twist to the rich cultural heritage of Africa. By doing this, NILARE delivers distinctive and innovative accessories that are sure to add an artistic flair.


Designed in London and Made in Gabon

nilare african design art gabon africa

Designed in London and made in Gabon, NILARE is inspired by African art, design, and nature; we blend traditional techniques, shapes, symbols, and patterns to create beautiful products to enhance your modern lifestyle with a unique mix of contemporary aesthetic. Therefore this allows NILARE to offer high quality, fresh and sophisticated ornaments.
NILARE provides products with non-conforming designs which can be easily infused into any interior style, to the doors of design lovers worldwide.


Inspired by Nature

nilare nature african design art contemporary libreville gabon

Nilare takes its inspiration from the richness of nature.Our products are mainly manufactured in Gabon. Gabon is located in Central Africa; it is a country which possess natural beauty from its rich forest landscape and beaches. The country has exceptional diversity of natural resources, with 80% of equatorial forests, fauna and flora are still virgin. Nilare accessories and gifts are inspired by this beautiful country and offer products of unique design. 


Cultural Heritage

nilare african design art contemporary ganon craftsmanship

The artisans work within small communities where they are able to share their knowledge and develop a supportive network.  Each artist is skilled in specific techniques and possesses a deep understanding of the materials used in their creations.  Their knowledge has been passed to them through the generations and forms a strong link with the traditions of their past. Making a beautiful home has always been important in African tradition and with this desire to bring comfort and style inside comes the need for excellent quality and design.Read more


Ethical Trade

nilare africa design art gabon libreville craftsmanship

Nilare is dedicated to helping small producers in Africa improve their trading conditions and promotes sustainability. We promote sustainability by offering good trading partnerships. We take part in a movement that is willing to work to empower communities through trade. We aim to make an impact on artisans' lives and their communities while offering beautiful products. We work on paying fair prices to artisans, as well as helping them improve their social and environmental conditions. We sustain strong relationships with our partners based on mutual respect, trust, transparency and solidarity. When buying Nilare products you are helping those artisans to pay for their food, school fees, and healthcare for them and their families.Read more


A proud French-Gabonese founder

Lisiane, the founder, is a French-Gabonese woman who draws her inspiration from her multicultural background. Born in Gabon, and growing up in South of France, Lisiane now finds herself living in London, having moved to England in 2006.  These three countries have defined who she is today and, inspired by her background and experience of these very different cultures, Nilare was brought to life.  

Having worked in the field of marketing in London for the past four years, Lisiane decided to pursue her passion for design and home décor by creating her own company specialising in discovering the beautiful designs of African craftspeople.  Her passion for design has been passed to her by her mother, an interior decorator, with an eye for exquisite and unusual objects. She taught Lisiane how to create beautiful objects with a personal touch.

A curiosity for new things and a desire to draw on the cultures, which have inspired her, allows Lisiane to continue her passion for blending African craftsmanship with interior design within Nilare.   “I am a ‘Citoyen du Monde’, as I can feel totally happy to be in a fast paced, modern city like in London and then go to Gabon, where I relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. I like being close to nature." Lisiane Ndong 2013

We travel to Gabon where we are able to meet with craftspeople. We design the products together and they manufacture the distinctive pieces found at Nilare. The artisans work within small communities where they are able to share their knowledge and develop a supportive network.