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African Wax Fabrics

nilare african design art contemporary Wax Fabrics - African Heritage

Nilare uses wax to create beautiful cushions and throws. African wax is a textile widespread in Africa. This fabric comes from mix of techniques from West Africa and Indonesia. Wax fabrics are very colourful, have multiple patterns and symbols. Colours usually is adapted to local tastes, so each African country has distinct colours and fabrics patterns.

Wax is a cotton fabric printed both side with wax, which gave its name. It uses the technique of traditional batik: a supply of wax is applied in the interstices of two carved copper rolls according to the patterns to be applied. The fabric thus, protected by the wax patterns are dipped in an indigo dyeing, and then exposed to air. The secondary colours are then applied by hand or printed directly with boards. This printing technique allows the fabric to be soaked into the dye bath.

Wax is mainly used for cultural celebrations. However for some African women wax fabrics represents capital good and status symbol. So they tend to collect them as an investment. Wax colourful fabrics are raising more and more interests from Western designers. It is now widely used in fashion and home decor. So Nilare offers the opportunity to discover this beautiful fabric and have it to enlighten your interior.


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