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African Textiles

african design art contemporary textile fabric

Nilare uses African textiles, which are very important in African culture and represent African cultural heritage. Nilare uses African textiles as a way to offer contemporary design and aesthetic character with strong historical ties.

Besides being functional, African textiles are used to create an identity, with patterns representing different tribes. Taking inspiration from nature, animals and daily life creates patterns. They have symbolic meanings and have been used for ceremonies. Each African country has distinctive fabrics designs, materials, and patterns. For instance, you could find bogolan fabric from Mali, or kuba cloth from Congo.

We can find varied type of textiles, which have unique weaving methods, materials and dying process. Everything is handmade by talented artisans who have been practising this art for many years. The manufacturing process has a low impact on the environment. The raw materials are diverse; they could come from plant fibres, cotton, sheep’s wool, or camel hair.

Nilare offers bogolan fabric throws, which are dyed with natural plant-based dyes, and then given hand painted designs. Getting textiles involved travelling to Africa where the cotton is grown and spinning, weaving, and printing takes place. Everything is made locally using a traditional method of weaving. Textiles are mainly made in West Africa and the skills are unique and can hardly be found somewhere else. 

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