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The Art of Woodcarving

nilare african design art contemporary woodcarving

Nilare home accessories are made using woodcarving, which an important African cultural heritage. Woodcarving was used for centuries within African traditions. It was used to create decorative products, ornaments for the home or royal palaces. Today woodcarving is still used for its functionality and aesthetic quality. Nilare products are manufactured using woodcarving to attain technical sophistication and a high level of aesthetic quality.

The Art of woodcarving is usually inherited, and it is passed from father to son, and it goes from older to new generations. Nilare works with local artisans in order to preserve this ancient tradition and make it available to a larger audience. We adapt these traditional techniques to create products with contemporary design.

Our products have unique appeal as they embody contemporary design with inherited craftsmanship. This method of work gives Nilare collection distinct designs and high quality products. Nilare simply wants to offer authentic products with global appeal.

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