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Precious Wood – Gaboon Ebony

nilare african art design ebony woodcarving

Nilare mainly uses wood as raw material. One of the most precious woods is ebony, which is also called “Gaboon Ebony”, as Gabon has the largest number of ebony forests. This wood is rare and is mainly found in Central Africa.

Ebony is an exceptionally beautiful wood having a fine texture, which can be polished to get smoothness close to marble-like. Ebony is considered to be as hard as stone, so it allows us to create polished durable yet sophisticated home accessories.

Using this wood allows us to create timeless beautiful products, with a nice finish. Ebony wood’s fine texture makes it perfect for creating sculpture and other small objects. Once manufactured, our products are hand polished with simple cloth to give the product this glossy  finish. Thanks to the work of highly skilled workers, Nilare home accessories are high quality and have unique design.

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