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African Craftsmanship Heritage

 Africa has a strong heritage of craftsmanship.  It is a mixture of art and culture embodied into traditional techniques. African countries’ traditions of art and design are great inspirations for Nilare. Nilare takes inspiration from this heritage to create high quality and beautiful products.

The most well known art type is masks culture, which is represented in all African countries. Each country has a specific type of masks designs, which have several meanings. African masks were mainly used for traditional ceremonies but nowadays they are also used as decorative products.

Besides masks, African countries possess many artistic heritages. Designs are generally made of clean shapes, distinct lines and shapes. You can find carvings, paintings, sculpture, basketry and much more. Each country is specialised in specific artistic skills, style and design.  For instance, western African countries like Mali and Senegal possess unique skills in textiles making such as bogolan or batiks. Central African countries, like Gabon and Cameroon, have talented artists in woodcarving, sculpture and basketry. Due to the richness of the countries’ natural resources, artists mainly use natural materials such as wood, stone, straw, clay and much more.

Nilare uses African craftsmanship to provide contemporary home decor in a global appeal. With its collection Nilare shows the beauty of African craftsmanship and design.

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