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Textile Art from Mali

In Mali textile is an Art, and the country has a rich heritage. They produce bogolan, basilan and indigo fabric.They use traditional dying techniques and symbolic graphic design.
nilare african design art sustainable contemporary

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African Wax Fabrics

Nilare uses wax to create beautiful cushions and throws. African wax is a textile widespread in Africa. This fabric comes from mix of techniques from West Africa and Indonesia. Wax fabrics are very colourful, have multiple patterns and symbols.

nilare african design art textile contemporary

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Bogolan Fabric Manufacturing

Bogolan fabric is a handmade West African textile, which is dyed and fermented with mud. Bogolan means, “made from mud” in Bambara, the language of Mali. The manufacturing method is organic and respects the environment.
nilare african design art contemporary bogolan textile

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African Textiles

Nilare uses African textiles, which are very important in African culture and represent African cultural heritage. Nilare uses African textiles as a way to offer contemporary design and aesthetic character with strong historical ties.
nilare african design art textile fabric contemporary art

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The Art of Woodcarving

Nilare home accessories are made using woodcarving, which an important African cultural heritage. Woodcarving was used for centuries within African traditions. It was used to create decorative products, ornaments for the home or royal palaces. Today woodcarving is still used for its functionality and aesthetic quality.
nilare african design art contemporary woodcarving

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